Our History

The origin of Tyreright

Tyreright evolved as a result of its founding organisation, Tyres4U, crystallising their large customer base under a retail banner which would be meaningful to the general public.

Tyres4U is a privately owned family business that has operated throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for over 20 years prior to the launching of Tyreright. With this substantial background and a wide spread distribution network, Tyreright has a solid foundation, giving it the financial support and expertise to launch into the competitive retail tyre market.

Significant research took place to launch Tyreright as a competitive retail brand. Everything from the name and colour scheme, to the actual delivery promise. Gaps were found in the retail tyre market that customers needed to have addressed. The name Tyreright states what is being sold and that it's done... right. A well presented, pleasant customer experience has been created, where customers come to get the right advice on tyres with the right service, resulting in them having an experience that confirms that Tyreright is the right choice, when purchasing tyres.

The colour orange that is so prominent throughout the building livery is designed to channel the customer toward the clean, comfortable, modern sales and reception area, while the grey component on the building identifies the fitting areas. Tyreright presents a professional uncluttered environment where customers are pleased to have their car worked on by a polite, clean and knowledgeable service team.

Tyreright, purpose built with the customer top of mind, has leaned on the many years of experience from the Tyres4U management team to knock down barriers and the old way of servicing the motoring public. Tyreright provides a new, exciting platform that is leading the industry through multi-portal shopping utilising the internet and other modern technologies as a means to simplifying the purchasing process.

Tyreright, whilst brand new in many ways, has a long proud history through its Tyres4U backing and management team experience. This will not only ensure Tyreright's success but also create an indelible mark on the tyre retailing industry, well into the future.