Get ready for that summer roadtrip

Posted by: Cal on 23/12/2012

Category: Community

The summer road trip is a great Australian tradition - and one that no amount of fancy new gadgets could replace!

There's nothing quite like packing up the car and heading on an adventure with friends or family, so here are some handy tips to ensure that your journey goes nice and smoothly!

Soundtrack your summer

Is there anything better than cruising along to the sound of some good tunes? Get your playlist sorted before you head off and you'll be able to sort just the kind of mood you want to in the car.

If you've got young kids, playing some artists they love can be a great way to keep them from getting too restless on longer trips.

Get your car trip-ready

Be sure to do a once over and check your oil and water - and of course your gas!

Don't leave out your car tyres either - check you have enough air pressure and that each tyre has sufficient tread depth.

Keep energy on hand

Don't forget that you need fuel too! Make sure you have food and drink on hand to stave off hunger and keep yourself hydrated.

That way you'll be able to stay alert at the wheel and keep aware of other drivers and changing conditions.