How to put old tyres to creative use

Posted by: Cal on 17/02/2013

Category: Community

When it comes time to replace your tyres in Australia, it's as easy as visiting your local Tyreright store or our website to buy tyres online.

But what to do with your old tyres? If you love a bit of DIY and the idea of recycling useful materials, then here are some great ways to put your 're-tyre-ees' to use.

Tyre planter

Old tyres make great planters for around your property. The rubber even retains heat well which makes them perfect for plants that love warmer conditions.

Tyre swing

Your kids will be amazed when you show them how you took part of the car and made it into a playground activity.

Or they'll just shrug it off. Either way, they'll have a great time playing on a fun tyre swing!

Building foundations

You can incorporate those old tyres into your eco-building project by using them in your foundations. Simply lay the tyres flat and fill them and the surrounding area with sand, soil or gravel.

Hula hoops

Actually, tyres make pretty average hula hoops - we might need to go back to the drawing board on this one before we can recommend it. Watch this space!