Top apps for Aussie car owners

Posted by: Cal on 3/03/2013

Category: Community

Once upon a time all you needed to get ahead in life was a bit of ingenuity and a bit of the ol' larrikin spirit. Nowadays there is probably an app that can provide you with both, as well as the current weather conditions. But now is no time for nostalgia - here are some of the must have apps for the modern Australian car owner!

Gas Cubby

This is a great tool for tracking your mileage and vehicle maintenance. It works even better when used in tandem with the next entry on the list.

Fill My Tank

This great little app finds you the cheapest fuel prices in your vicinity, from a list of more than 4,000 petrol stations throughout the country - now that's handy!


So what if you don't have an expensive supercar. With this app, you can get the sounds of one at a fraction of the price. You have to try this to appreciate it - it connects to your car stereo and responds to your foot on the accelerator pedal with realistic and amazing engine sounds.

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