10 Fun Things To Do With Used Tyres

Posted by: Dan on 14/05/2015

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10 Fun Uses for Your Old Tyres

One often overlooked aspect of buying new tyres is how to dispose of the old ones. After all, throwing them away isn’t exactly a "green" option. Fortunately when you buy tyres at Tyreright, we include the environmental disposal of your old tyres as part of our service to you. 

However, sometimes people come up with their own solutions. Here's a number of creative uses for old tyres. The following ten ideas aren’t just fun - they’re great for the environment as well.

Build a table in the living room

If you want a nice-looking and unique piece of furniture that people talk about, try making a coffee table or end table with your old tyre. With a piece of glass shaped to the tyre, you can easily build a centrepiece for your living room that your family and your guests will enjoy for years to come. Not all that handy? No problem! This idea is so easy to set up that you won’t need to put any serious carpentry skills to work.

Hang a tyre swing

While it’s an obvious choice, no list of old tyre uses can be complete without including hanging a tyre swing as an option. If you have a big enough tree in your yard, you can easily install this fun piece of outdoor equipment in a single afternoon. All you need is a rope and a ladder. Secure the rope around the tyre and then hang the rope from a sturdy tree branch.

Just be careful to test it yourself to be sure it’s safe before setting your kids loose on your new creation!

Fashion unique outdoor seating

If you have a nice area to sit outside, consider using some of your old tyres to make unique, comfortable and fun chairs. With a little bit of weaving and some wood, you can make comfortable seating that will be the envy of your guests, who are sure to appreciate the unique setup you’ve created.

Create cute tyre planters

If you’re looking to buy planters to dress up your backyard, you’ll see that it’s easy to spend a lot of cash for something that is not that complicated to make. If you have some spare tyres lying around, you can use them instead to make cute little planters that will draw attention for a fraction of the cost of store-bought alternatives.

To take this idea further, paint your tyres in a colour that matches your decor to give your planters an even more unique look or decorate them by affixing durable, garden-related knick-knacks to their walls.

Fill a mini pond

If you have a larger tyre - or if you don’t mind a really small mini pond - you can make a cool little place to relax in your garden. To start, place plastic around your tyre and dig a hole that’s large enough so that the top of the tyre sits flush with the rest of the ground. Place rocks around the edge of the tyre and fill it with water, and you’ve got yourself a fun little backyard pond.

Build a tyre totter

Are your kids sick of the tyre swing yet? Another fun way to keep them entertained using cost-effective used tyres is to build a “tyre totter” - a new variation on the teeter totter. All you need is a tyre and a board, along with a few decorating supplies. Cut the tyre in half and decorate it, then place the board so that it balances on the middle of the tyre and secure it using the appropriate bolts. For less than 30 minutes of work, you’ve got a fun toy that’ll keep your children entertained for hours!

Want to have even more fun? Use the second half of your tyre to create another tyre totter, then encourage your kids to invite their friends over to play on them.

Construct a sandbox

Here’s another fun one for the kids... Take a tyre and staple heavy-duty plastic sheeting to one of its inside walls. Place the sheeted side down on the ground and fill the tyre with play sand. You’ve now got a sandbox that’s easy to clean up and that can be moved all around your lawn.

For best results, use a tractor tyre or other larger tyre that’s big enough for your children to climb in. But even smaller car or SUV tyres can make a fun sandbox that’s great for an afternoon of play.

Build a tyre wall

If you have a lot of land and a passion for obstacle course style racing, you can use your old tyres to build a tyre wall you can climb on and exercise with. You’ll need the right materials, enough space and plenty of tyres. But, once you build your wall and start using it as part of your exercise routine, you’re sure to enjoy this innovative, engaging type of workout.

Remember, though, to put safety first. It’s easy to build a tall tyre wall that turns out to be a bit overwhelming - at least at first. Don’t push yourself so hard that you risk injury when exercising with a tyre wall.

Secure a walkway

If you have some land and you like to hike around, use your old tyres to make a cool stairway that increases your traction and keeps you safe from slipping. You’ll probably need at least a dozen tyres, but you won’t need any more supplies (except, perhaps, something to cut the tyres with if you choose to construct your walkway from smaller pieces). With a shovel and a few hours of your time, you can dig out places for your tyres. Then, simply place them as needed to make yourself a little stairway.

Now, when you or your buddies - including your four-legged friends - walk around your property, you can walk up the hill without fear, even when the rainy season comes around. Your tyres will keep everything in place.

Create a hopscotch course

One more idea for your kids is to take a series of old tyres and set them up in the right formation for the game of hopscotch. Whether you’re a young adult, an older person or a little kid, you’re bound to enjoy this setup as this is a fun way to exercise. It’s easy to set up as well - all you need is ten tyres, a little room in your yard and a few minutes to place the tyres in the right configuration. After that, all that’s left to do is enjoy your new game!

So there you have it… If you have old tyres on hand that you aren’t able to dispose of properly, you can still find plenty of uses for them. You don’t need serious carpentry skills or a lot of supplies to get started - all you need is one or more old tyres and a bit of creativity.

Have another suggestion for a fun way to use old tyres? Share it with the Tyreright community in a comment below!

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