3 tips for driving in winter weather

Posted by: Cal on 9/07/2013

Category: General

When the mercury starts to drop, winter weather can create all kinds of challenges on the roads for drivers.

From reduced visibility to wet and slippery road surfaces, winter driving requires a bit of extra care and attention. By taking proactive measures, you will be able to keep yourself - and your passengers - safe on the roads.

See and be seen

Visibility is crucial at any time of year. When you are paying attention to other vehicles - and when you make it easier for other cars to see you, too - you keep the roads safer for everyone.

Simple measures like making sure your headlights are switched on can help increase your visibility on the road - and making sure you remain focused on your driving and the other vehicles around you can ensure everyone's safety.

Make sure you keep an eye on any cracks or chips in your windscreen, as well as the condition of your mirrors, lights and wipers. Staying on top of this type of maintenance gives you the best possible chance of seeing other traffic - and of other cars seeing you.

Take it slow

When it comes to wet weather driving, there's no harm in taking things a little slower than usual. Wet conditions often mean that in addition to reduced visibility, you may need to deal with slippery terrain.

Don't just blindly stick to the posted speed limit - if the conditions mean you need to drive a little slower, this is exactly what you should do. In addition, you will also want to leave plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you in case you need to make a sudden stop.

Smart wet weather drivers also know they need to start braking earlier for red lights and stop signs when the conditions are less than perfect.

Check your tyres

The right tyre pressure can help you maintain traction on wet roads and can prevent you from hydroplaning.

If you aren't sure what your tyre pressure should be in the winter months, or if you have any questions about the suitability of your tyres for winter driving, contact the team at Tyreright.

We have offices right across Australia, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can advise you on everything from tyre maintenance to whether or not it may be time to replace your tyres.