A spoonful of humour makes the road safety message go down

Posted by: Cal on 14/05/2013

Category: General

Why did the two 4x4 tyres fall in love? Why, it was a case of mutual traction.

You can judge just how successful this attempt at comedy has been, but jokes are often a great way at getting across a more serious message.

That's the case with a new play produced by the Sydney Theatre Company and presented by NRMA Motoring and Services, which will be performed for free around regional NSW centres and Canberra over the coming weeks.

'Road Train', written and directed by the STC's resident director, Community, Stefo Nantsou, is about two young Australian drivers, Ryan and Karla.

Karla has just been awarded her L plates and is getting lessons from her dad about her responsibilities on the road.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Ryan is in court for negligent driving and it is unclear whether he has yet learnt his lesson.

The play uses everyday people in a comedic setting to communicate important messages about road safety.

"Road Train is a great night out for local families and a unique way to get the message across to some of our most at risk drivers - this is about working together to save lives," said NRMA president Wendy Machin in a May 14 statement.

Ms Machin said the play was written expressly for communities where a car and a licence is a big deal for a young person.

Indeed, for many it can signal a new era of freedom and independence, but also one of great responsibility and possible danger.

"The NRMA has a proud history of standing up for all drivers and we are always looking for new ways to help keep young drivers safe, we are committed to finding effective ways of conveying road safety messages to the community," Ms Machin stated.

STC's artistic director Andrew Upton said that the partnership with NRMA was exciting and had made it possible to create a production which will reach those who may not normally see theatre.

"The statistics around the issue of road safety are shocking," said Mr Upton.

"Hopefully, the immediacy and emotion of theatre will challenge and impress them before they get behind the wheel."

The plays will be free for all to attend, and all who plan to do so need only RSVP at the Road Train page on the NRMA website.

Performances will be taking place at Lismore (May 24), Cessnock (May 28), Heatherbrae (May 29), Cowra (May 31), Dapto (June 4) and Pearce (June 6).