Autumn months: higher risk of animal collisions

Posted by: Cal on 30/04/2013

Category: General

Animal collisions are a big road safety risk in Australia and the RACV would like motorists to raise their awareness of this danger.

Today (April 30), the RACV released data about animal collisions around the state and provided tips for motorists at this dangerous time of year.

"Most collisions happen during dawn or dusk when there are more people on the roads and animals moving about," said RACV general manager insurance Paul Northey.

In addition, he noted that April, May and June are the busiest months for claims filed about animal collisions.

The RACV suggests the following tips for avoiding an animal collision on the roads.

1) Be extra vigilant around dawn and dusk.
2) Stay alert on roads with bush or shrubs alongside and on rises and bends where visibility is low.
3) Keep pets secure on your property - this will prevent them from escaping onto the road.
4) Look out for signs pointing out animals in the area.
5) Slow down when you see roadkill - there could be more animals in the area.

We'd add that it pays to keep your tyres in good condition and properly inflated - good tyre performance will enable you to brake more safely and maintain traction.

If you find an animal in need on the road or roadside, you can contact your local RSPCA shelter or wildlife rescue group for assistance.