Autumn road safety: driving after first rains

Posted by: Cal on 9/04/2013

Category: General

Did you know that when it rains after a particularly dry spell, roads can be even more slippery than usual?

What happens is that the fresh rain mixes with the oil and grime that has built up on the road surface.

This makes it very slick - even more so than normal.

Drivers need to be aware of this so that they can adjust to the conditions and stay safe on the roads.

With autumn underway, this may well be a scenario that plays out where you are living. After weeks of sun and dry weather, the first rain cloud should be your warning to take extra care on the roads.

Make sure you slow down on newly wet roads to reduce the likelihood of your car tyres skidding.

It is equally important to increase your following distance when driving behind other vehicles.

This gives you more time to react and will hopefully prevent you from having to slam on the brakes - which may result in a loss of control on slick roads.

Be sure to continue regularly checking your tyres during the autumn and winter months - ensuring that tread is sufficient and your air pressure is correct will improve your overall tyre safety.