Baby on board?

Posted by: Cal on 1/05/2013

Category: General

Are you preparing for a long car trip with a baby or infant? The mere thought of sharing a small vehicle cabin with a young one may be a scary one!

Yet with a bit of preparation - and luck of course - you may be able to avoid an unhappy youngster and have a smooth ride.

Get your timing right

Use your child's sleeping habits to your advantage and try to get them to nap while on the road.

This will mean you don't get to play your tunes too loud, but everyone will be happier!

Toys, toys, more toys

Don't leave home without some fun toys for your wee one to play with. We haven't quite done the maths on this one, but child to toy proportion of 1:3 seems about right to us!

Frequent breaks

The longer the trip, the more breaks it is advisable to take to let young ones have a change.

If your young one is a wee bit older now, they can stretch their legs at play areas, or even assist with checking the air in your car tyres at service station pit stops - they'll love helping out!