Beat the motion sickness blues

Posted by: Cal on 28/11/2013

Category: General

If you or someone you love is frequently struck down by motion sickness when travelling in your car, it can be hard to navigate your way through long journeys without a mishap.
Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce and prevent car sickness!

Check your tyres

One cause of motion sickness that's not often reported is poorly maintained car tyres. Poor alignment and balance is said to be a contributor to car sickness as it can cause shakes and vibrations to your vehicle and its occupants.

Make sure your tyres are inflated to their recommended pressure and have an expert check out your alignment to ensure your tyres aren't the cause of the illness.

Select your seat carefully

Most car sickness sufferers will know where in the vehicle is best for them to avoid becoming ill. Often this is a high spot where the road and surrounds are clearly visible, such as the front passenger seat or middle back seat.

Other people may find driving gives them something to focus on and is a welcome distraction, so if your sufferer is licenced to drive, encourage them to take the wheel.


Many people respond well to over the counter anti-nausea medications that you can take the night before a trip, or in the hours leading up to it. Some can even be taken while you're travelling. Your doctor should be able to provide prescription medications for severe cases of car sickness, so don't feel like you have to suffer in silence!

Make sure you check whether you're safe to drive on the medication, as some may cause drowsiness.

Consume ginger

Many homeopaths and doctors recommend ingesting ginger as a way to ease a turbulent stomach. The root aids digestion, quelling nausea.

You could pop a supplement before your trip or take along ginger biscuits, dried ginger or even ginger beer to snack and sip on as you travel.

Get some air

Some travellers find fresh air excellent for reducing the symptoms of car sickness. Wind down the windows to let in as much as possible, and sip on water to avoid headaches caused by dehydration.

Take the opportunity to stop regularly for a walk around outside. Sometimes this is all that's needed to nip a bout of sickness in the bud and get back on the road.