City driving tips and tricks

Posted by: Cal on 31/10/2013

Category: General

You'll hear lots of talk about the challenges of driving in the country - you have to make sure your 4x4 tyres are up to snuff, undercarriage is well-protected and safety features are all up to date.

However, there are certain challenges that city drivers have to face as well, and these shouldn't be ignored. Here are a few ways urbanites can keep themselves safe and happy on the road:

Leave your anger at home

There's no getting around it - driving in the city can be frustrating. You'll have people cutting you off, honking and not paying attention everywhere you turn.

However, getting upset at these individuals will only make your own driving more dangerous. Road rage is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Try to give other drivers the benefit of the doubt. For example, if you see someone speeding through traffic, imagine that they are on their way to the hospital to catch the arrival of their newborn. This attitude will help you keep your anger in check.

Be ready for anything

When you're out on the open country road by yourself, you don't have to worry about many dangers besides twists and turns and the occasional animal in the roadway.

In the city, dangers are everywhere. You need to drive defensively and never assume that you can predict what other drivers will do.

Having light tyres that are routinely checked and filled properly will make it easier for you to stop short or make quick turns when the unexpected happens.

Keep the music under control

There's nothing quite as fun as blasting your favorite song while cruising through your favorite city, but doing so might put you at risk.

Your sense of hearing is invaluable while driving in traffic, as you'll want to be able to hear sirens and other drivers if need be. For this reason, try to keep the music at a reasonable level.

Don't become a target

Even the safest cities are home to criminals who target vehicles for theft. To avoid becoming a victim, take action to keep your car safe and secure when it's parked.

Choose parking spaces in well-lit, safe neighbourhoods, and consider purchasing an alarm system or enhanced locking device if you are driving an older car.