Commercial fleet fuel efficiency - focus on tyres

Posted by: Cal on 26/03/2013

Category: General

Even without rising fuel costs, keeping petrol expenditure to a minimum is an imperative for any commercial fleet manager.

The challenge is to find ways of boosting fuel efficiency which are themselves not costly.

Well challenge accepted! It's time to have a good look at those truck tyres and car tyres on your commercial vehicles.

Regular tyre maintenance is not only essential for vehicle safety, it can have a big impact on fuel efficiency too.

Here are things that your fleet drivers should be checking for on a regular basis.

Wear and tear

Tyres that are in poor condition won't perform as well, resulting in poor vehicle handling and possible fuel efficiency losses.

It is important to regularly check for worn tread and other damage to your vehicles' tyres.

Under inflation

Ensuring tyres are correctly inflated is one of the best ways of boosting fuel economy.

Tyres that are under inflated resist forward movement more, forcing the engine to work harder to move the vehicle.

They also don't maintain their shape as well and can damage more easily.

Wheel alignment

Wheels that are out of alignment can place extra strain on your chassis, your engine - and on the driver!

If the vehicle is pulling to one side during straight motion, chances are that there is a wheel alignment issue.