Dont let dirty tyres ruin your style

Posted by: Cal on 28/02/2013

Category: General

Are your car tyres letting you down in the looks department? Could it be that dirty rims and muddy tread are getting you attention for all the wrong reasons?

We sure hope not. But if your tyres could use some sprucing up, here is how to start turning heads again - in a good way!

See yourself in your rims

There is nothing like a set of shining rims to get your ride looking like it has just been pimped! There are many products you can use to clean your rims, and by using a specialised wheel cleaner and towels, you'll be checking how you look in your rims each morning!

Get your sidewalls glowing

Tyre shine products can give your tyre sidewalls the gleam that they deserve. The best part is that all you need to do is spray the product on and then enjoy the results.

Freshen up your tread

This is completely optional, as tread tends to lose that new car look pretty quickly no matter where you are. The effort required will depend on your tread thickness and pattern, but you'll probably find you can simply attach a brush to a hose and use soap, the water pressure and a bit of elbow grease to clear up the yuck stuff.