Drive to the conditions - wet weather

Posted by: Cal on 12/03/2013

Category: General

Rain and other precipitation can turn roads into dangerously slick surfaces, so it is critical to adjust your driving behaviour in wet weather.

Don't follow so close

If you need to brake suddenly on a wet road, the chances of your vehicle skidding are much higher than in dry conditions.

For this reason it is a really good idea to put more distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you.

This way you will have more time to react if they were to stop suddenly and more time to apply safe slow down techniques that don't lock up your brakes.

Adjust your speed

When roads are wet they are more dangerous, so you need to reduce your speed when out and about - not just on corners but at all times.

This will reduce the likelihood of your car tyres losing grip and your vehicle skidding out of your control.

By driving at a more moderate speed, more of your tyres' tread will have an opportunity to contact the road, meaning you gain more traction and control thanks to improved tyre performance.

Make sure tyres are inflated

Fully inflated tyres will reduce the likelihood of your car hydroplaning when travelling over pooled water on the road.