Driving essentials: Safety on the road

Posted by: Cal on 3/07/2013

Category: General

Whether you are the type of driver who makes short, frequent trips or your idea of a great time is a big road trip with your friends, one major thing that everyone who gets behind the wheel should be concerned about is safety on the road.

From the daily commute to big adventures on the open highway, here are some of our top tips to keep you safe while you are driving.

Have a plan

GPS and satellite navigation systems are great for getting us out of tight spots, but you can also be a proactive driver by knowing where you are going - or at least having a rough idea - before you jump in the car.

Check out a map - or Google Maps! - and think carefully about your route. Knowing where you need to go can get you out of tight spots where you might need to make a sudden decision, and can also help you feel more confident and relaxed.

Be prepared for emergencies

Nothing about an emergency is planned - they can happen when you least expect them! But whether you get involved in a collision on a city road or you run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, you can minimise the impact of an emergency by being prepared.

This could be as simple as stashing some everyday essentials in your car to help you deal with any type of weather - for example, old hats, scarves and mittens could be a lifesaver if you find yourself on the side of the road in the middle of winter.

It can also be smart to stash supplies like a first aid kit, bottles of water, spare sunscreen and a non-perishable snack in your vehicle - you never know when you may need them!

Arm yourself with skills

There's nothing worse than feeling helpless when your car gets a flat tyre - but as we've mentioned before, if you're prepared for the situation, you'll be better equipped to handle it if it happens to you.

Knowing how to change a flat tyre is a crucial part of tyre safety - get a family member, friend or even your local mechanic to show you how, and always make sure you carry a spare.

You can even find great tyre maintenance tips on sites like YouTube. Empowering yourself with the right knowledge will make you a more confident driver, and will help you to keep a level head in unexpected situations.