Driving navigation: what’ll they think of next?

Posted by: Cal on 29/04/2013

Category: General

Remember having to look up directions in a map book before driving somewhere you hadn’t been before?

You know, back when the world was in black and white and you couldn’t use your phone to look everything up, or do other useful things like buy tyres online.

Okay, it wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like another age now that smartphones and GPS devices have colonised our dashboards.

Such quick change makes you think - what’s next?

Heads up

Instead of having to look at a small screen with navigation directions, what if they were projected onto the windscreen in front of you - like the heads-up displays in fighter jets!

That way you wouldn’t need to look away from the road - a big safety bonus.

Talk to the car

Forget Siri, the next big thing could be a vehicle you can talk to!

You won’t even need to take your hands off the steering wheel to find out directions - just ask out loud and you’ll get your answer.

Hands free

Why go to all the effort of having to drive you car? One day, cars might be able to drive us.

We look forward to being able to program our destination and then to sit back and enjoy the ride - hands free!