Get more from your daily commute

Posted by: Cal on 10/05/2013

Category: General

Do you despise your daily commute or do you love it?

The answer to that question may come down to how you use this time each day!

Because if you add up all the time you spend in your car on the way to and from where you need to be each day, you may realise there are lots of hours of productivity awaiting you!

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Do you find that you never have time to read anymore? Sure you do - you can get audiobooks from the library.

Pop one on the stereo and get in touch with your literary side. It doesn't have to be Proust or Dickens either - now may be the time to get hooked on that Game of Thrones series everyone has been talking about!

Write a novel

Why not use the voice record function on your phone to get your thoughts down for prosperity?

You could start that novel you've always planned on writing, begin that blog you promised yourself you would, or improvise free-association poetry about stop lights and car tyres!

Learn stuff

Instead of listening to that radio DJ dross, get a little bit smarter each day.

Get some language podcasts, free audio lectures or TED talks to listen to and keep that grey matter learning!