Girls who race cars

Posted by: Cal on 7/11/2013

Category: General

Car racing is ultimately a male-dominated sport, but it is gaining momentum among the fairer sex as both an adrenaline-pumping hobby and a viable career option.

Before you swap out your regular car tyres for racing ones and invest in NASCAR apparel, get up to speed with the best regarded females in motor racing.

Milka Duno

Milka started competing in the IndyCar circuit in 2007, and was only the third female to do so. She's completed three Indy 500s, and is intelligent both on and off the track. She's got a whopping four master's degrees and has also published a book advocating education to children. What a woman!

Danica Patrick

Danica is one of the most well-known figures in female competitive racing. She has competed in both the IndyCar and NASCAR circuits, making her a master of all trades.

In April 2009 she won her first series victory in Japan, which made her the first female driver to win an IndyCar race.

Chrissy Wallace

Chrissy comes from a racing family, and was the first person to race against her father in a NASCAR event when they both competed in a race at Talladega. She was the first female regional champion, taking the ASA West Region title.