Give your tyre's contact patch a hand

Posted by: Cal on 20/03/2013

Category: General

Did you know that the portion of the tread on your car tyres that is actually touching the road at any one point in time is only about the size of your hand?

That may be surprising, but when you consider that your tyres are the only thing connecting you to the road surface and keeping you in control of your vehicle, it may be slightly alarming!

It needn't be, luckily, as the small size of a tyre's contact patch does not mean that you are any less safe - they are designed to give you great grip from even this small area of contact.

What it is good to remember though is that this traction can only be produced when your tyre tread is in good condition.

When your tyre tread wears down, there is a greater possibility that your tyre contact patch will be less effective.

To ensure safe and reliable tyre performance, it is important that you keep a close eye on the state of your tyres' tread.

Regular tyre rotations can prevent the tread from wearing down unevenly. This will improve performance as well as extend the life of your tyres.

If your tread has worn down too much, you will need to replace the tyre. This way you can ensure your contact patch is healthy and providing good grip.