How to break in your new tyres

Posted by: Cal on 29/04/2013

Category: General

Did you know that it is important to break in those new tyres you just put on your vehicle?

Many people may not realise this, but it is true. Just like shoes or that new snuggie, your tyres need breaking in before they can hit peak performance.

Over the first few hundred kilometres you drive with your replacement tyres, you may notice that they aren't as responsive as your old ones.

That may seem counterintuitive - after all, these are supposed to be new, aren't they?

Don't panic, they just need to be broken in and we'll tell you how to do it!

During the initial few weeks with your new tyres, don't push them too hard. Keep to moderate speeds, corner gently and resist sudden acceleration or braking.

Try to avoid gravel surfaces, potholes or other uneven roadways and don't go near a carwash - some can pull your wheels onto a track, a big no-no when breaking tyres in!

By doing this, you will allow time for the lubricant and oils on the inside of your tyres to wear off, which will make them settle in to the rims better.

During this time the tread will also wear down slightly, improving grip and overall tyre performance.