How to store your car tyres

Posted by: Cal on 14/08/2013

Category: General

If you've got one or more car tyres going spare that you are keeping in your home or garage, it's important to know how to store them properly. If you plan to use these tyres again, chucking them outside or in a spare corner of your garage just won't do.

When tyres are being driven regularly, the flexing motion keeps the tyres' important oils evenly distributed throughout the rubber. If tyres are stored improperly for a long time, 'outgassing' can occur. This is when the oils become dried and stale due to inactivity, so the outer layers of rubber begin to crack. This is bad news for your tyres and may make them unusable.

Because improper storage of tyres can quickly degrade their quality and make them unsafe for driving, it's best to get it right first time so you don't end up with a wasted investment on your hands.

So how can you store your tyres to keep them as safe and sound as possible? Remember, no matter how you store them, your tyres are still going to age to some degree - however these are some of the ways that you can extend their lifespan.

First of all make sure that your tyres are clean before you store them anywhere. That means giving them a good scrub down with soap and water to remove any traces of dirt and dust. If you'd rather, you can use specialised tyre cleaner for a great result.

Try and find a dry and fairly cool place to put your tyres so that they don't heat up and aren't exposed to too much moisture. Remember, wherever you put your tyres, make sure there's no weight placed on them - don't go using them as another spare surface in your garage! As well as this, ensure that you keep your tyres out of direct sunlight as this can cause them to heat up during the day and this often damages the rubber.

It's also a wise idea to put each tyre in its own plastic bag - for instance large rubbish or garden bags. Label each bag with the tyre's position - for example 'rear left.' Keeping your tyres in a sealed bag protects them from atmospheric damage and keeps them clean.

Remember, if you follow these steps you're giving your stored tyres the best chance of survival - so go ahead and look after them.