Is it okay to drive with tyres that don't match?

Posted by: Cal on 29/04/2013

Category: General

So you need to replace just one tyre on your vehicle. The question is, does it need to match the remaining three or can you get a different brand or model?

The answer is simple and yet not so simple at the same time. Yes ideally you should always drive with four of the same car tyres - the same goes for 4WDs, vans, light commercials and trucks.

The reason for this is that so much of your vehicle's performance depends on the tyres each being the correct size - everything from balance, handling and braking to fuel economy and premature tyre wear.

So try to always have the same tyres!

That's easy enough if you need to buy four new tyres, but what if you only need one new one and you can't find an exact match?

In this case it is recommended that you choose equivalent tyres from the same performance category.

Ensure that the tyre you select has the same characteristics, speed and load ratings and application as the one you are replacing.

If you aren't sure, the best thing to do is head down to your local Tyreright and we'll help you find the best replacement tyre for your vehicle.