Keep more than an eye on tyre pressure

Posted by: Cal on 25/03/2013

Category: General

Could you tell if your car tyres were under inflated simply by looking at them?

You may think that if a tyre is not fully inflated it would be obvious for all to see. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

Your tyres could well be under inflated without you even knowing about it. That's because although eventually tyres won't be able to maintain their shape when they lose a certain amount of air, they can look fully inflated without actually being so.

That means that if you rely on a simple visual check of your tyres' inflation, you may be fooling yourself!

You could in fact be driving around on partially deflated tyres without even realising it.

With less air in them, tyres cannot maintain their shape as well, and will bend more as they roll.

This increases their resistance to motion, which means that your car's engine has to work harder and use more fuel to move.

You can also lose cornering stability and precision control when steering - all with just a few psi of air missing.

The best way to check your tyres' air pressure is with an air gauge like those found at service stations or which you can also buy for your own use.

This way you will know precisely when your tyres need a top up of the good stuff - air!