Keep your new car looking great

Posted by: Cal on 10/04/2013

Category: General

There is nothing quite like the sheen and sparkle of a new car - not to mention the smell!

Yet after a while the ravages of time can work their evil and turn your brand new baby into a lesser version of itself.

Luckily it doesn't take too much work to keep that new car glow - and we've got some great tips for how to do so!

Regular washes

It's so simple yet effective. Don't give dirt and muck the time to bed in - give your car a good clean every month or even every fortnight.

To keep your car looking good no matter where you're sitting, clean the windscreen and windows once a week - you'll notice the difference.

Be good to your tyres

If your car tyres look tired, your whole vehicle can too. Conversely however, by keeping them looking healthy and fresh you can fool even yourself into thinking you just picked it up from the production line!

Use tyre conditioner spray to clean and shine your tyres and give them that amazing new-car look.

Don't forget the interior

Don't let that new car feel escape from your vehicle's interior. Be sure to clean it regularly and avoid leaving any rubbish and old food lying around for too long.

Install a nice scent and use a sunscreen to protect the leather from harsh sunlight.