Keeping kids happy on long road trips

Posted by: Cal on 31/10/2013

Category: General

A road trip with your sweetheart can be a fun and exciting holiday, but when you have little ones in tow, those long drives can turn into a nightmare.

As a parent, it's important that you know how to keep your kids happy during your road trip - for your own sanity and theirs. Here are a few tips:

Plan ahead

How much planning you do ahead of your big trip can make or break the experience for all parties involved.

Make sure your kids have plenty of items with them to keep them entertained. It's not a bad idea to let them pack their own suitcase or backpack to have by their side while on the road, but you should always check it over to make sure they brought a variety of options to keep them busy.

Preventing sibling wars

With more than one kid in the car, you can expect at least a few spats during your trip. After all, kids will be cooped up together, which means tensions will be running high.

It's important that you establish hard and fast rules before you set out on this adventure. Let kids know ahead of time how often they will be allowed to sit up front, how you will go about choosing restaurants and what boundaries they must respect while in transit.

Snacks and stops

Kids are likely to get quite hungry while riding in the car, so having a cooler filled with healthy and delicious snacks is a good idea. Stick to veggies and fruits for the majority of the ride, but pack a few sweet treats to reward your kids for behaving well or making it to significant points on your trip.

Young ones will need to use the bathroom more frequently, so you should be certain to plan a few stops along the way.

You can save time by using these breaks to check on your car tyres and give your windshield a good scrubbing.

The importance of safety

Kids can be a distraction in the car, but it's important that you don't allow them to interfere with safety.

Though you may be eager to keep moving while on the road, if you encounter an issue with your car such as issues with tyre safety or a broken headlight, it's important that you address the problems right away.