Look after your four postcards!

Posted by: Cal on 1/05/2013

Category: General

We're always going on about the importance of ensuring your tyres have the correct air pressure, so today we thought we'd let somebody else have the stage.

Take the microphone, Jake Ronsholt, general manager of Corporate and Brand Communications for Bridgestone Europe!

"Driving on underinflated tyres is not only dangerous, it is an enormous waste of fuel and the cause of carbon emissions that could easily be avoided by simple, regular checks," said Mr Ronsholt in an April 29 statement.

And he knows a thing or two about tyres - Bridgestone has been making them since 1930 and now has over 140 facilities around the world.

The tyre manufacturer this week released the results of over 28,000 free tyre safety checks it carried out in 2012 across Europe.

Astonishingly, it found that 78 per cent of vehicles checked had underinflated tyres.

Mr Ronsholt said that people forget that underinflated tyres can considerably affect handling and braking, not to mention fuel economy.

"Many see tyres as only black and round, a necessity purchase, but we must always bear in mind that they are the only point of contact with the road, and the size of four postcards!"

We hope that Australians can do better than their European cousins when it comes to taking care of their tyres!

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