New campaign to identify potholes on Victorian roads

Posted by: Cal on 11/03/2013

Category: General

A new campaign to identify road maintenance issues in Victoria is gaining traction on social media.

The RACV's Pothole Patrol campaign has gained over 1,000 Facebook likes since it was launched on February 20.

The campaign - launched to highlight the poor state of Victoria's roads - calls on the public to identify examples of deteriorating roads and to post photo and video evidence.

RACV manager Roads and Traffic Dave Jones said that Victoria's roads had gotten worse over the last decade.

Pothole Patrol was all about drawing attention to maintenance issues, as Mr Jones says that it is "imperative to halt the rot now".

"Rough, cracked and potholed roads have important safety and economic implications, particularly for rural communities," said Mr Jones in a statement.

"Costs to the community include increased road crashes, increased wear and tear on vehicles, increased fuel consumption and damage to goods being transported."

Indeed, hitting a pothole at speed can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Your tyres could burst as they absorb the impact and your rims could also be damaged - though ensuring your tyres are fully inflated can reduce this.

The best tyre safety strategy is to avoid potholes altogether, where possible, and if you can't, at the very least reduce your speed as much as you can before driving over one.