New tyres need regular maintenance, too

Posted by: Cal on 11/04/2013

Category: General

There is nothing quite like a set of new tyres on your car, van, 4WD or truck.

The potential benefits range from improved handling and performance to increased fuel efficiency, to an all-round better driving experience.

It's like having a whole new ride. Yet one mistake that many people make is that once they have new tyres, they forget about them!

Why should I worry about my brand new car tyres, they think - if they are brand new they should be in tip-top condition.

This is true, but all tyres - no matter how old or new - need regular maintenance to ensure the best performance.

And if you want those new 4WD tyres to keep giving you the performance you crave, you'll need to look after them!

The good news is that it only takes a little effort on a regular basis to prevent premature wear of your new tyres.

Check once a week that your tyres are fully inflated to the correct air pressure and you will thank yourself later down the track. Addressing under-inflation immediately will save you on fuel consumption and slow the pace of tyre wear.

Also, be sure to get regular tyre rotations. These ensure your tyres wear uniformly and will boost their service life.

We recommend you rotate your tyres and have a wheel alignment every 10,000 km and even offer a free rotation reminder service.