Nokian tyres help set new world record for ice driving

Posted by: Cal on 14/03/2013

Category: General

A new world record for the fastest car on ice has been set by an Audi RS6 equipped with Nokian tyres.

Test driver Janne Laitinen set the record on March 9 by travelling at an average speed of 335.713 kilometres per hour over two 1 km runs completed on ice in the Gulf of Bothnia, located between Sweden and Finland.

That's pretty quick on any surface - and especially impressive on slick ice.

The Audi was sporting Nokian Hakkapelitta 8 winter tyres.

Technical customer service manager for Nokian tyres Matti Morri said that for the Hakkapeliitta 8 - the company's new spearhead product - they wanted to set an extremely tough challenge.

"Relentless testing at the extreme limits always works to serve the interests of the consumer," said Mr Morri in a statement on March 13.

He explained that the forces acting on the tyres at extreme speeds were "enormous", with the car covering 93 metres each second.

"As the air resistance increases, we need even more grip to accelerate the car. In addition to grip, handling and stability are also essential."

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