Perfect your parallel parking

Posted by: Cal on 13/03/2013

Category: General

If you haven't yet learnt the art of the perfect parallel park, then you may well be familiar with a unique sound - your wheel scraping the curb!

These days you can probably get away with not knowing how to parallel park, especially if you spend most of your time in the suburbs or only travel to busy urban areas on public transport.

Yet the time may well come when the pressure is on and you need to fit your car into that itty-bitty gap - will you be able?

Here's how it should go - start by pulling up next to the car ahead of the gap so that your back car tyres are in line with its back tyres and turn your left indicator light on.

Now start slowly reversing and turn your wheel to the hard left, while looking over your left shoulder at where you are going.

At the point when your left passenger door passes the front vehicle's rear bumper, start turning your wheel back to the right.

With any luck your car will have fit in the gap perfectly with just a tiny distance between yourself and the curb - with a bit of tidying up of course.

If it doesn't work quite as planned just yet - keep practising!