Personalise your car

Posted by: Cal on 8/11/2013

Category: General

For many people, their car is an extension of their personality. It makes sense then that they want to make it as unique and personalised as possible.

If your vehicle is still simply just that - a mode of transport to get you from A to B - why not take the time to add a few touches to make it seem more "you"?

Give it a name

It may sound cheesy, but giving your car a name is a sure-fire way to make you feel more connected to it. Scientifically speaking, giving non-human objects human characteristics is known as anthropomorphism, and it's an incredibly common habit of humans around the world.

Personalised plate

Personalised plates are a fantastic way of setting your car apart from the pack. You can select from a range of colours, designs, and characters to proudly showcase your car's name, your own nickname or anything else you can fit!

Update your wheels

If your car tyres are looking a little bare for your liking, why not splash out on some shiny new mag wheels? You can choose from shiny chrome, alloy, matte black and a variety of bright colours and designs to take your vehicle from drab to fab in no time.

Paint job

Sometimes a car's paint job can look dull or bland. To remedy this, take your vehicle to a workshop and ask for a shiny new coat of colour to be applied! Let your imagination run wild, but remember that you'll have to live with your choice for a long time, so while that highlighter orange number may seem like a good idea at the time you may not love it in five years!

Look at your interior

Once you've got the outside of your car looking fabulous, it's time to turn to your interior. You can get seat covers in your favourite colours, themes and designs, and you can even get customised versions. Match them with floor mats and put a novelty item on your dash to complete the customisation.

Make sure it's legal

Certain vehicle modifications are subject to laws and restrictions. Before you make any serious customisation decisions, such as lowering your car or changing its exhaust, make sure they comply with the appropriate standards and regulations in your state or territory.