Prepare your kids for driving the family car

Posted by: Cal on 15/03/2013

Category: General

As kids grow older it is important to teach them how to be safe and responsible - and that goes for when they are out driving too.

Do your children drive your car? This can be the case for many families before young ones get a vehicle of their own.

If so, it is important that they know some important things about your car to ensure they are safe out on the roads.

What kind of petrol

It's an obvious one, but just in case the kids hadn't been paying attention all those years you were driving them around, let them know what juice your car takes!

How to change a tyre

You may be a whiz with the tyre iron, but would your young ones be fine if one of the car tyres went flat on them? Do they know where the spare is located, and the jack?

Make sure that they know how to safely pull over and then change the tyre. A great idea is to do a practice run in the driveway.

What to do in case of emergency

Have a plan for what they need to do if they break down, whether that means contacting you straight away or calling for roadside assistance.