Respecting other road users

Posted by: Cal on 11/10/2013

Category: General

This summer, you're likely to be hitting the road more than usual, eager to get to your summer vacation spot.

But it's times like these when it's especially important to remember that you're not the only one on the road desperate to arrive at the beach. You need to remain calm and respectful of other road users to avoid any unfortunate incidents or accidents. That includes cyclists and motorcyclists, too!

Iconic Aussie road trip destinations, such as the Great Ocean Road, are popular destinations for all classes of vehicle. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has launched a campaign to ensure that all road users remain safe on Victorian roads, highlighting the 'perfect weekend ride'.

"With so many great motorcycle routes in Victoria and on the cusp of the summer riding season, this new TAC campaign reminds us what a perfect weekend ride should be," said Assistant Treasurer Gordon Rich-Phillips on October 8.

"Educating recreational and weekend motorcyclists about the risks associated with riding in country Victoria and on long routes, is a key action in the Victorian Coalition Government’s 10 year road safety strategy."

Motorcyclists face unique risks, many of which can be reduced by remaining alert and aware of them. Other road users play a part in this, however, with their own behaviour. Motorcyclists are over-represented in fatalities. Only 4 per cent of registered vehicles in Victoria are motorcycles, yet motorcyclists accounted for 15 per cent of road fatalities in 2012.

Now, online tutorials are available for those wanting to learn more about how they can reduce their risk of danger.

Whether you're in a car, driving a motorcycle or riding a bike this summer, remember to be courteous to whoever else is on the road. Adhere to road rules, speed limits and use common sense at all times!

Before you even hit the road, make sure your vehicle is safe. If one of your car tyres blows out when driving, both you and other road users are in danger - so make sure you check you have the correct pressure and tread before you leave, and that your tyres are puncture-free with no abrasions.

In addition, only drive any class of vehicle if you're well-rested and not under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering substances. It's easy to get a bit fatigued when it's extremely hot in the summer, so be sure to remain hydrated and take regular breaks - and then you can safely enjoy your holiday!