Road trip - does your tyre pressure match your load

Posted by: Cal on 21/02/2013

Category: General

Are you heading out on a road trip any time soon? If so, it might pay to think about how all that extra luggage may affect the performance of your car.

Packing up the vehicle and hitting the road for some adventure is one of the great Aussie pastimes.

With some of the most scenic beaches and countryside found anywhere round the world, you could hardly blame us for wanting to make the most them!

However, it is important to make sure that when you head out on the road this summer that your vehicle is in good shape.

One thing which is particularly important to check ahead of a long car journey is your tyre pressure.

Normally, of course, this should be done regularly as part of your tyre maintenance checks, but it is especially critical when you are packing the car up with tents, clothes, food and other luggage.

That's because heavy loads can put an extra strain on your tyres. You will need to compensate for this by raising the air pressure in them.

The tyre placard - usually found on the inside of the driver's door, the glovebox or the petrol cap - is a great guide as it will list the recommended air pressure for your tyres under a heavy load.