Teaching someone to drive? Don't forget car maintenance tips!

Posted by: Cal on 4/04/2013

Category: General

When you teach someone to drive you aren't just helping them learn how to operate a car, you are also showing them how to be safe on the roads.

That means it is important to give them a comprehensive education on how to drive safely.

We think this is a great opportunity to tell new drivers about the importance of regular car and tyre checks.

While out on a driving lesson, pull into a service station with your student and take them through the basic maintenance checks they should be doing regularly.

Start with the car tyres. Show them how to use the air pressure gun to check the air pressure, and where to find the recommended pressure - either in the manual, on the inside of the driver door or inside the petrol cap.

Give them some practice by letting some air out of the tyres and having them inflate them to the correct pressure - there is nothing like some hands on experience!

Show them how to check the tyre tread as well, and how to know when tyres need to be replaced.

Then you can show them how to check important engine fluids - oil, power steering fluid, coolant and of course windscreen wiper fluid.

Getting new drivers practising good car and tyre maintenance right from the start is a great way to boost their safety and confidence on the road.