Three myths about your car you shouldn't believe!

Posted by: Cal on 21/05/2013

Category: General

When it comes to sorting car myths from car facts, most of us would like to think we know a thing or two about what is true and what isn't.

For instance, everyone knows that red cars go faster than vehicles painted other colours.

Yet there are still myths out there that some continue to believe - here are three porkers!

The sidewall tyre pressure is a guide

The pressure shown on the sidewall of your car tyres is not in fact the recommended pressure, but the maximum that the tyre will hold.

Don't use it as a guide!

Instead, use the manufacturer's recommended pressure level, found usually inside the petrol cap, in the glove box or inside the driver's door.

Jump starting your car charges the battery

After a jump start your battery does not regain its full charge.

In fact, it takes quite a while to do so and it is best to drive your car for a good half hour at least after jump starting it, to ensure enough charge builds up so that you can start the car the next day!

Any old soap will clean a car well

Don't fall into this old trap! Household detergents like dishwashing or laundry liquids can actually damage your car's exterior finish.

Stick to dedicated car-wash products to avoid calamity!