Time to kerb your enthusiasm?

Posted by: Cal on 29/05/2013

Category: General

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of having performed the perfect parallel park.

What's more, we see nothing wrong or strange about calling attention to excellent feats of parking prowess.

It is only natural to point out to passengers, pedestrians in the vicinity, local shopkeepers, and anyone you can send a hastily snapped mobile photo off to, just how close you got to the kerb, despite the tiny parking space you had to work with.

However, hubris is all hunky dory only up to a certain limit. Your determination to always get within a hair's breadth of the banks of the River Road could end up hurting your ego, your car tyres and ultimately your wallet!

That's because while there are no parking police snooping around to ping you for not ending up perfectly parallel with the kerb, you do have the law of averages to contend with.

This is the rule that says that just because you've got it right the last five times, doesn't mean you can simply saunter up to the next space that becomes available and expect the planets to align once more.

Only a few centimetres off the hallowed perfect alignment and you'll hear the driving equivalent of the get-them-off-the-stage gong: the sound of your hubcap scraping up against the roadside.

In the space of a second, the kerb will have changed from being the ultimate kingmaker into your own personal kryptonite: you won't be able to get away from it quick enough!

No one is perfect after all. Even Superman has a weakness (though his ability to parallel park is unconfirmed).

Yet unlike Mr Kent, it is not so easy for your tyres to shrug off the sort of damage done by a good ol' kerb scraping.

Any significant impact won't just leave your car sporting the dreaded kerb rash, but it could also have affected your wheel alignment and the condition of the tyres themselves.

If you have recently endured a pride-sapping kerb-llision, it is a good idea to have a visual check of the tyres you hit. If you see any visible signs of damage, bring your car in to a Tyreright location and we'll have a look at them to let you know if they are still safe, and whether you need any adjustments.

Is it worth it to risk damage to your wheels or tyre sidewalls for the momentary glory of a like-a-glove moment?

Clearly, a question each one of us needs to ask ourselves in a time of deep reflection.