Tips for fighting driver fatigue

Posted by: Cal on 25/03/2013

Category: General

Do you ever find yourself getting a bit sleepy behind the wheel?

Whether you are driving at night, on the daily commute or on a longer trip, it is important for your safety and that of others that you are wide awake on the roads.

Here are some useful ways that you can keep yourself alert and aware at the wheel.

Take a deep breath

A cool hit of fresh air may be just what you need to shake those pangs of drowsiness.

Wind the windows down and feel the breeze on your face – the colder the better, too!

Play some tunes

Break the monotony by turning on the radio or listening to an audiobook.

Turning up a great song can get your energy levels up once more, and singing along can be an excellent way to kick-start your senses!

Take a break

If you are simply too tired to be driving, pull over and have a rest.

The early warning signs that it is time for a break include yawning, tired eyes, restlessness, slow reactions and faltering concentration.

If you’re on a longer trip with friends, it’s a great idea to take it in turns to drive and rest, so that the driver is always alert.

Remember – 'tire' safety is just as important as tyre safety!