Tips for keeping kids happy in the car

Posted by: Cal on 9/10/2013

Category: General

There's no doubt that driving with young children in the car can be a challenge at times. Even just a short jaunt down the road can transform into a distressing situation if your child is unsettled. 

Here are some hints on how you can keep your little one happy and safe in and around your vehicle.

Don't leave your child unsupervised

It probably goes without saying you shouldn't leave your young child unsupervised around a car. This also includes the outside of a vehicle, as children are at risk of getting caught under car tyres. Inside they might be able to reach things like the handbrake.

Avoid accidents by making sure your child is always supervised when in the vicinity of a car. Leaving your child alone in a car is illegal all over Australia,which is unsurprising considering how quickly they can heat up to dangerous levels.

Seating safety measures

It's important to have a safe and secure car seat for your wee one. Make sure it's correctly fitted and officially approved as safe. Sit your child in the back and always make sure the seatbelt is well secured before you drive away.

Activate your child safe locks while driving and make sure there are no loose items in the car that could tumble around and hurt someone.

While you drive

Kids can get distressed easily during a drive, especially if it's long or during a time where they would usually be napping or feeding. Keep them happy by chatting to them and play some 'I spy' games so that they stay interested.

You can also play a tape of their favourite music or nursery rhymes to calm them and let them hold their favourite soft toy.

If you're on a long drive, drinks and snacks are essential. This will keep your child from getting upset and uncomfortable from hunger and thirst and they'll be less likely to act out.

Take the opportunity to stop regularly so they can stretch their legs. Or, if your child is still crawling, you can put a rug on the ground outside so they can wriggle around for a few moments to get comfortable!

While seated on a drive, if your little one is behaving well and not resisting their seat make sure to praise them - this will encourage them to act like this next time.