Top timely tyre check tips

Posted by: Cal on 19/08/2013

Category: General

Do you sense that something is wrong with your car tyres, but you're not quite sure what to do or where to look? First of all it can be helpful to give your tyres a quick look over, so if you're short for time here the a few timely tips that might be able to help you make a diagnosis.

Check for punctures

Obviously you should check all your tyres for any sign of damage such as punctures or perforations, or any objects stuck within the rubber. If you see any problems like this, it's likely the cause of your tyre troubles.

Look out for the pressure

How's your tyre pressure looking? Give your tyres a quick glance over to see what's up. If your pressure is too low your tyres won't be performing very well - you might notice your handling is out or you're using more fuel than usual. Tyres can also be overinflated, so stay vigilant for this too.

Watch out for the tread

If your tyre tread is too low, you risk losing control on the roads easily. Many tyres will have inbuilt tread indicators, but if you're not sure, ask a professional to avoid driving hazardously.