Top tips to improve your mileage

Posted by: Cal on 18/02/2013

Category: General

Are you happy with the mileage you get from your vehicle? If not, here are some easy ways to boost your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Remove unnecessary weight

Many of us may use our vehicles as impromptu storage lockers. Well guess what? All that extra weight is slowing you down!

If you don't notice, that's because your engine is working harder to make up for those extra pounds - using more fuel in the process.

Clear out the boot and get rid of the unnecessary clutter in your vehicle to get more mileage for your dollar.

It's not a race

There's no denying that fast acceleration can feel good! But next time you are pulling away from traffic lights, try taking it easy.

Not only will reducing your RPM use less fuel, but it will mean you have more control of your vehicle. This is a big plus as you'll be able to react more quickly and better handle wet conditions.

Check your tyres

Tyre performance can have a big effect on your vehicle's mileage. As well as affecting the way your car handles, under or over inflated tyres can reduce your fuel efficiency.

We recommend you regularly check your car tyres are properly inflated to ensure optimum performance.