Top winter off-roading tips

Posted by: Cal on 5/06/2013

Category: General

Winter has arrived in Australia, and that means many casual off-roaders will likely be storing away their trucks and four wheel drives and preparing to wait out the rainy season.

But if you are a real off-roading fanatic, then there's no reason why you should let a little bit of rain and mud stop you from enjoying the great outdoors.

However, it's important to note that off-roading during winter brings a unique set of challenges that you need to be prepared for, in order to stay safe at all times.

Here are a few top tips for safe winter off-roading.

Bring the right gear

The key to safe off-roading - no matter the season - is to be prepared. However this is particularly important in winter when the weather is unpredictable and you are more likely to find yourself stranded.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher, as well as a spare tyre and a jack, just in case you have a flat and need to do some running repairs. Some rope and chain may also come in handy, and you should always carry a fully charged cell phone, so that you have a way of calling for help if you need it.

When off-roading in winter, you will also want to pack some warm clothes and a blanket, just in case you get really stuck and need to bunk down for the night, as it can get very cold.

Have the right tyres

It's important to have the right all terrain tyres when off-roading in the winter, to ensure that you get good traction when in unpredictable territory.

All terrain tyres are designed to be suitable for both on-road driving and the rough and tumble of off-roading, so are a perfect choice for weekend warriors.

Plan ahead

Whenever you go off-roading, make sure that you have a firm plan in place and that you have informed some reliable and trustworthy people as to where you will be going.

Let them know that you will be home by a certain time. This way, if you are late, they will be able to call the authorities and let them know that something is amiss.

Off-roaders are often adventurous and eager to set out on their own, but it's important not to sacrifice safety for a bit of excitement. Travel in a group when possible, and always plan ahead.