Tyre safety tips when towing a caravan

Posted by: Cal on 15/04/2013

Category: General

Many Australians love nothing better than to hit the road with a caravan in tow and head to a favourite spot for some leisure and relaxation.

There's nothing quite like it, yet it is particularly important when towing a caravan to think about your tyre safety.

That's because a car or other vehicle connected to a caravan behaves quite differently on the road. Proper tyre care can help to ensure a smooth journey in more ways than one.

Caravan tyres

It is important to check the tyres on the caravan before you set out, and regularly once your trip is underway.

Check that all tyres have good tread, no sidewall cracks and that tyre pressures are maintained at the correct level.

That level will depend on the load they are carrying. A weighbridge can help you to find out what this load is.

Caravans can often sit in the same spot for long periods of time. This, combined with exposure to the weather, can speed up the deterioration of tyres, so it pays to keep a close eye on their condition.

Towing vehicle tyres

You'll need to pay attention to the tyres on the towing vehicle as well.

Caravan and Camping SA recommends that your rear tyres are inflated to near their maximum pressure, as these are subjected to greater loads when towing.

It is also recommended that your front tyres are inflated an extra four PSI above their normal air pressure.