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Posted by: Dan on 19/08/2013

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At Tyreright, we’re big believers in perfomance and quality. Whether you’re driving a 4WD or SUV, a family or sports car, we want you to have the best performing tyres for your needs.

Basically we appreciate all good performances. So, with the 2013 Australian Federal election only a few short weeks away, we thought it’d be a good time to revisit some of the great Australian political performances of recent years.

Of course, there are heaps of great moments and this list barely scratches the surface. Make sure to add your favourite moments to the comments. These are compiled in historical order of leadership.

1. Bob Hawke, this former Prime Minister was responsible for a great variety of policy initiatives, and steering Australia through some very difficult economic times. Even so, he’s still perhaps best known for one of the most Aussie traits of all, his love of a beer.

Even in retirement, he’s more than capable of putting in a great performance:

2. Paul Keating was famous (or perhaps infamous) for his ferocious style in parliament. Known as a man with a sharp wit and an acid tongue, he was the master of the retort. Who can forget his reply when questioned by Opposition Leader John Hewson as to why he hadn’t yet called an election?

Of course, Mr. Keating may prefer to be remembered for other achievements, particularly his economic reforms and perhaps the significance of his now famous Redfern Speech in 1992.

3. John Howard was possibly Australia’s most ardent sports-loving Prime Minister. A regular attendee at cricket and football matches, Mr. Howard was also a passionate exercise devotee, his morning walks being a known part of his routine. Although evidence indicates that he probably made the right choice by pursuing a political career, rather than a sporting one.

As a politician, Mr. Howard is best remembered for achievements like the introduction of the GST and his gun control reforms 

4. Kevin Rudd ran an enormously popular campaign in 2007 winning the election, but he was ousted from the leadership of the Labor Party shortly thereafter, not leaving him with a lot of time to build a legacy. Arguably his greatest achievement was in the simple act of saying sorry:

5. Julia Gillard’s Prime Minister-ship has been fraught with controversy, and there are plenty of strong opinions about her achievements while our national leader. Either way, there’s no question that she’s had some stumbles during her time.

But one of the most memorable moments in her tenure as Prime Minister was her famous “Misogyny Speech” which gained attention around the world:

6. The current leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, is also capable of putting in a fine performance. Mr. Abbott’s well known as a strong supporter of Indigenous communities in Australia who is passionate about these issues.

7. We’ll leave you with arguably the most famous bit of video of the current Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. This was taken from question time several years ago.

What are your favourite performances from Australian politicians? Let us know in the comments below.