Webber edged out by Vettel in 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

Posted by: Cal on 25/03/2013

Category: General

The latest action from the 2013 Formula One Championship saw Sebastian Vettel take the checkered flag in the Malaysian Grand Prix yesterday (March 24) in Sepang.

Driving for Red Bull, the German driver topped a podium which included Australian Mark Webber in second place and British driver Lewis Hamilton in third.

Most of the drama since the race was completed has focused on the battle between Red Bull teammates Vettel and Webber.

The Australian had a strong race, leading for much of the race's 56 laps, following a smart decision to switch to dry Pirelli tyres after using intermediaries in the opening laps.

In the second half of the race, with Webber leading and Vettel in second position, the Australian seemed to have it in the bag, with his teammate on strict orders to conserve fuel and tyres and not to pass the Australian.

However Vettel decided to challenge for the lead, and succeeded in taking it in the 46th lap.

He went on to claim his 27th Formula One win and the pictures of the teammates on the podium make it pretty clear that Webber was unimpressed with the turn of events.

Vettel perhaps knew that he had some questions to ask, and said as much in the post-race interview.

"I think obviously it's very hot today and I think if there is something to say then we need to talk internally," he said.

That may be an interesting discussion!