What to pack in your tyre toolbox

Posted by: Cal on 8/03/2013

Category: General

An annoying man once said, "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail."

Yet you have to admit that he's right! Here's today's example. You are driving along minding your own business when you notice that you have a flat tyre - and you're in the middle of nowhere.

Thank goodness you have your tyre change kit all set to go - you do right? If not, get it together now - here is what you will need in addition to a spare tyre.

Car jack

Adolescent Superman makes it look easy. For us mere mortals, raising your vehicle to swap out car tyres requires a jack.

Most vehicles have these as standard, but just in case you don't currently have one in the car it pays to check.

Tyre iron

You'll need this to get the lug nuts off your wheel in order to remove your flat tyre - and of course to tighten them on the replacement.


Changing a tyre can be a messy business, what with the need to handle two wheels and come in contact with tyre rubber.

Having some gloves 'on hand' means that you don't have to get dirty while swapping out a flat.