What use is a flat spare tyre?

Posted by: Cal on 19/03/2013

Category: General

What use is a flat spare tyre? It is a good question to ask yourself next time you are doing your weekly car tyres air pressure check.

You may think that simply by having a spare tyre you are well prepared for an unexpected blowout or flat.

Yet what if you get that spare tyre on your car and realise that it too is flat or has low pressure?

This can be dangerous, as a space saver tyre is generally much thinner and has less tread than an ordinary tyre.

For this reason, once it is on your car you need to limit your speed to a maximum of 80 km/h and get your flat or punctured tyre repaired as soon as possible.

Ensuring your safety while driving on a space saver is important, and a big part of that is making sure it has the correct tyre pressure.

Can you remember the last time you checked the air in your spare?

If not, it is a good idea to start checking it regularly. You needn't check it once a week with the rest of your tyres, but once every two to three weeks should be just right to ensure it is in good condition when you need to call on it.