Where do tyres come from?

Posted by: Cal on 15/03/2013

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You may have wondered where the tyre comes from originally. Well, it's complicated.

They're Irish

The first working pneumatic tyre was made in Belfast, Ireland in 1887 by John Boyd Dunlop. He made it for his son's bicycle after the latter kept getting headaches on rough terrain!

They're French

The word tyre was originally spelt 'tire' - and still is in American English. This actually a word derived from the French verb 'tirer', which means 'to pull'.

That's because the word 'tire' first referred to iron hoops or thick wires bound to carriage wheels, which 'pulled' the vehicles along.

They're American

The process of vulcanisation - the chemical process in which rubber is converted into a more durable material via the addition of certain 'accelerators' - was first mastered by Charles Goodyear in the 1840s in Springfield, Massachusetts.

They're Italian

Did you know that vulcanisation gets its name from the Roman god of fire, Vulcan?

They're everywhere

More than one billion tyres are manufactured annually - in countries all around the world!