Why tyre maintenance is a real balancing act

Posted by: Cal on 18/06/2013

Category: General

Did you know that the world record for the longest time someone has balanced a tyre on their teeth is 31 seconds?

Well now you do!

American Frank Simon made his country proud in 2009 when he set the current Guinness World Record on the set of the Zheng Da Zong Yi variety show in Beijing, China.

And while this is a perfectly useless piece of information, the moral of the tale is that tyre balancing isn't something to snap your teeth at.

Indeed, it is an essential part of good tyre maintenance, particularly when replacing old tyres with new ones.

Yet don't worry, as you needn't start practising your own balancing act - there are professionals who can do it for you.

Balancing new tyres is important to ensure that they are mounted correctly. This helps to eliminate vibration, premature tread wear and undue stress on your vehicle.

The great news for Tyreright customers is that when you buy tyres from us, you don't just get a competitive price - you get a professional tyre fitting as well.

That includes electronic balancing of your new tyres and replacement of safety valves. We'll even take care of disposal of your old tyres!